Next Meeting

Minutes of the last HPOK meeting, on Dec. 1, can be found below
HPOK will hold its next meeting on Saturday, February 2nd, at 11 o’clock in the large meeting room at Westover library. We will be electing a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and naming quadrant representatives. 
We plan to invite a member of the school board to speak on the state of the Reed school project, which is scheduled to begin in September of 2019. The project will take two years, so this is a last chance to make use of the sled hill for a while.
HP-OK Civic Association held a general membership meeting Saturday, 12/1/18 at the Westover Branch Library.
An outline of key items follows.  Details with current updates can always be found at our website,
     I. CA Officers Attending: 
President, Mike, O’Malley; Vice President, Glenn Geiger, Treasurer Melanie Canter, Quadrant Representatives Kathy Mimberg, Preston Mitchell, Tanya Schneider, Bryna Helfer
II. Finances:  Our CA Account is above minimum levels and sufficient to cover anticipated near term expenses.
III.  Future Meetings:   We are returning to regular quarterly general membership meetings.  The next Meeting will be on February 2nd,  in the Westover Branch Library Large (Longfellow) Meeting Room.  Dates and times will be posted when we can confirm the room reservation.
IV.  Communications:   Getting the word out to all ~650 HP-OK Households is tricky and current methods haven’t been adequate.   We’ve formed a Communications Committee to find ways to improve.  For now, we’ll continue using  multiple platforms, including the HP-OK Yahoo List Serve, Next Door, Facebook, and our Website, and add portable small outdoor billboards for posting special events and meetings.
V. Reed School Plans and Construction Changes:  Changes are coming to the school and library area, soon.  They’re too many to list and things change, please check the website for current status. We pan to invite a school board member to describe the state of the project at the February meeting
VI. CA Officer Elections:  Candidate Nominations will be requested at the next meeting.  These include elected positions:
 President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary,  and Neighborhood Conservation Commission Representative 
 And Volunteer/Appointed Positions:
– Quadrant Representatives
– Arlington County Civic Federation Representatives
– Special Focus Area Committees
     – Communications
     – Reed School
      –  Lee Highway Development/Planning
      – Westover Merchants Liaison
      – Succession Planning
      – Welcome Packets

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