HPOK Meeting Coming Up

Dear Neighbors:

HPOK will be holding a general membership meeting on Saturday Dec.1, from 11-12, in the Westover Library large meeting room. We have a lot to consider, including upcoming elections for HPOK Board members. We would like to get input from the membership on a number of other topics, including

1. What form of communication would you prefer? At the moment we have a website, https://hpok.org/, and we have social media lists including the Yahoo groups HPOK list, with roughly three hundred members, and the NextDoor HPOK list, with approximately 600 members. There are plusses and minuses to each. We would like to find a way to settle one one social media list

2. What would you like your Civic Association do do? In the past, Civic Associations have managed County Civic Improvement grants. However, this program has been badly stalled for the last several years and is currently under review. A civic association can organize neighborhood events, like the Halloween on the Greenway HPOK has helped organize for many years. It can organize and sponsor festival or neighborhood days. It can advocate for traffic safety measure or needed civic improvements. CAs can organize forums for County and school board elections, or sponsor informational talks by County staff. In the past year, the CAS has been very active in planning the upcoming Reed School demolition and reconstruction. Do you have a sense of what you would like your CA to do?


Please attend if you can. And then you can go get lunch in Westover!

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