HPOK Meetings on Reed Project

Dear Friends and Neighbors – As you know, the Arlington School Board is working in partnership with Arlington County to transform the Reed School into a neighborhood elementary. So far, the set parameters are that: Reed School will have capacity for 725 students; will open in 2021; and will have a maximum project cost of $49M.
Mike O’Malley and Dianne Hasselman are the neighborhood representatives on the formal committee advising the school board and country, and attend meetings every other week starting last month. We want to make you are updated regularly with the latest information; understand key milestones and where decisions stand; and give us your input so that we can best represent our community. 
To do this, we will host two neighborhood meetings next week:
  • Wednesday, December 6, from 7 to 8 p.m. at Mike’s at 5822 N. 19th Street; and
  • Saturday, December 9, from 2 to 3 p.m. at Dianne’s at 5901 N. 18th Street
Please respond by email by Monday, Dec 4, if you will attend one of these so that we can plan accordingly. 
Also, please take a look at the link to the PDF below. These are the slides our committee discussed at the Nov 29 meeting. 
In a nutshell, to date, the architects have presented three high-level potential models for how the Reed School might be expanded.  Next, they will present initial cost estimates for these models at the December 13 meeting at 7 p.m. at the Discovery School. As a reminder, these meetings are open to the public, so if you are interested, please attend.
So, lots to think about and consider as a community. Please try to join us either Wednesday or Saturday next week. 
Mike and Dianne

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