Reed School Process

The process to design a  new neighborhood Reed Elementary school continues, and is moving quickly. At the last joint meeting of the BLPC/PFRC, on November 15, committee members learned that it does indeed seem that the existing Reed building was designed to bear the weight of a second floor, which means at least one story may be added at relatively lower cost.

The Committee members were asked to participate in a design exercise in which they were presented with elevations of the Reed site and movable blocks to represent the physical spaces which might need to be added. The new school will require either a full or half size gymnasium, a library, administrative offices and classroom space in addition to the 12-14 classrooms already available. Participants were asked to consider where deliveries would be made, where parking might be added, and how and where bus/car drop off might be managed.

Details of the meeting and presentations can be fund at the Reed School Project website.

At the next meeting, on November 29, the VMDO architecture team will present three design options, and the committees will begin working to consider and refine the options.

The meetings are open to the public and pubic comment is typically solicited. The next meeting again is November 29 at seven o’clock, probably in the Reed School multipurpose room. If the room changes I’ll post it here.


Mike O’Malley




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