Reed School Process update

Citizen/Staff Advisory committees meet last night in an introductory session to discuss Reed school.

There are two committees involved. The BLPC (building level planning committee) is organized by the school board and includes member of local PTA’s and Civic Associations. The PFRC (public-facilities-review-committee) is organized by the County Board and includes many of the same people along with County staff.

The presentations and minutes will be available at the APS Reed School project website (

APS informed the meeting that surveys of the Reed school neighborhood are currently underway: this may include surveys of properties near but not on the Reed School site. Do not be alarmed, these are routine surveys in a project of this size. Arlington County is also conducting a tree survey of the Reed Site and you may see trees being tagged with small gray metal labels.

The next meeting of the BLPC/PFRC will be November 15, at six o’clock at the Reed School. These meetings are open to the public.


HPOK’s representative to the BLPC/PFRC are Mike O’Malley and Dianne Hasselman

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