January 6th Meeting

At our meeting on January sixth, 2021, despite the distractions then taking place downtown in DC, HPOK heard a presentation on the planned stormwater detention vault under the Reed School fields from Aileen Winquist, Demetra McBride, and Liz Thurber of the Department of Environmental services. The presentation is attached below.

Starting in November of 2021, after the school is open, Gilbane will begin building a 540,000 cubic foot detention vault under the existing ball fields. The new school’s playgrounds will be unaffected, but residents should expect significant construction and associated noise and traffic. The concrete vault will require an excavation approximately 14 feet deep: it will fill when the existing seven foot pipe is at at capacity and drain as that pipe drains, via gravity.

When completed the vault will remediate 85% of the excess capacity expected in a ten year storm. Arlington continues t explore other options for stormwater remediation in the Torryson Run watershed.

The topography of the fields will be restored when the vault is completed, including the sledding hill.

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