#Reed School

Letter from 4CA to Arlington Public schools regarding naming of new school at Reed site, Dec. 16 2020

Dear Members of the School Board and Dr. Durán,

We are delighted to see the steady construction progress at the Reed School site and look forward to having a new elementary school in our community. We are pleased that the planning unit in which Reed sits is now zoned for the school and that other walkable units will be con- sidered for inclusion in the boundary process in 2022. Neighbors also appreciate the offer of liberal grandfathering for those who wish to remain at Tuckahoe.

We understand that APS traditionally convenes a naming committee for new schools that in- cludes various stakeholders. Our four civic associations, which surround the school, each look forward to participating on the committee. We see this as a great opportunity to meet with all involved to possibly reaffirm a name or consider other names that reflect APS’s core values and may relate to Virginia.


Kathleen Trainor, President Highland Park Overlee Knolls Michael Weinstein, President Leeway Overlee
John Ford, President Tara Leeway Heights
Lilith Christiansen, President Westover Village

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