Next General Meeting, 11/17

Our next general meeting will feature a guest speaker. Bill Adams

Is More Health Care Better Care? Until recently, most people were concerned about getting too little health care. This is still a concern for many.

But a new problem has crept upon us in recent decades: too much health care. This means too many tests, procedures, and services that don’t help and can harm. We are overdosing on health care.

Overuse and overspending in health care affect our personal well-being and the larger economy. They deprive our country of resources for other priorities like education, transportation, research, community safety, and human services.

Bill Adams from Baby Boomers for Balanced Health Care will lead us through a community conversation. 

Come share your perspective and experiences. Thursday, November 17 at 7 p.m. at Resurrection Lutheran Church, Parish Hall, 6201 Washington Blvd.

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