Letter From HPOK regarding traffic on 18th St. North.

Dennis Leach

Director of Transportation

Department of Environmental Services

Dear Mr. Leach,

The Highland Park Overlee Knolls Civic association is concerned about a public safety issue involving children walking to Cardinal Elementary school along 18th Street north, between Ohio Street and Washington Blvd. The attached map shows the street in question, highlighted in red. We believe sidewalks should be installed on at least one side of the street.

Children use this route to walk to school, and the section in question has no sidewalks on either side of the street. As the attached photographs show, children are walking on a relatively narrow street in the midst of traffic. The problem is particularly acute where 18th street reaches Washington Blvd. Because of a lane divider, there is almost no room for them to walk.

We believe this represents a public safety issue and at our last meeting our members voted to ask that the county install sidewalks along at least one side of this section of 18th St. North. We understand that sidewalks are typically installed as part of neighborhood conservation civic improvement grants, but we believe that this particular situation presents a distinct and acute public safety issue and needs to be addressed more quickly than the process of civic improvement typically allows. 


Kathleen Trainor

President, HPOK civic association

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